We Can’t Solve The Gas Crisis

Gas might be up to $5.00 or higher in just a couple of months.  And there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it.  Why not, you ask?  Simple.  High gas prices make Obama look bad.  Combine that with the RNC’s desperate need to get the black man out of office and the rich stock investors on Wall Street and you have your answer.

The stock brokers want to make money, right?  Well, yeah, but they are not adverse to donating some of it to the Cause, either.  But who do they send it to?  Romney?  With Santorum and Gingrich leveling all their barrels at Mitt, he might just go down in a ball of fire.  So let’s send it to Santorum.  Problem there is, he is married to the Tea Party and they are so radical they can’t see anyone getting rich, especially on oil futures.  OK, let’s give our money to Newt.  (What a name for the president of the most Powerful country in the world!  But, that’s a subject for another day).  But Newt has so much baggage, it doesn’t look like he can make it to the Convention either.  And don’t even think about Ron Paul.  No one else does.

There is only one way left to go.  Invest in oil futures like they are going out of style.  Maybe they can push the price of a barrel of oil to $150, $175 or even $200.  There, Obama what do you think of that?  So what if the bubble bursts before they lose some of their investments?  It was a hell of a ride, Obama looks like HE caused the whole thing and it’s better than investing it in a Candidate that probably isn’t going to win the nomination anyway!

By the way, have you ever wondered why the BIG manufacturers in this country were sitting on their collective asses and not hiring?  Same thing.  It makes Obama look bad.  They don’t mind taking a small hit (that’s tax deductible) as long as it means they can support a Republican – whomever that might end up to be – for president so we can get rid of all of those nasty regulations that are supposed to keep poisons off of our dinner tables and out of our medications and the other regulations that do nothing but keep a bunch of low paid workers’ hands and arms out of unsafe machinery.  Jeesh!  Next thing you know they will; want us to pay for those lowlife’s health insurance.  WELL – not if we can get ObamaCare repealed!

I came across a little test a while ago.  It was designed to find out if you are a good Conservative (oxy-moron?).  It went like this…

1.  Do you feel the Bill of Rights should only include the right to carry a gun and forget all that crap about free speech, privacy, unlawful search and seizure, etc.?

2.  Do you believe the founding fathers ACCIDENTALLY left out the words “God” and “Christ” and “Christian” when they wrote the constitution?

3.  Do you believe that the government of the United States should be based upon the Christian Religion as opposed to any and all other?

4.  Do you believe that anyone who is in favor of Choice is automatically promoting abortion and should be shot?

5.  Do you think being gay should be a felony?

6.  Do you believe that all contraceptives should be banned along with Marijuana?

If you can answer the majority of these questions “yes” then, yes you might want to consider yourself a true conservative.  Utopia would be where your government was based upon a yes vote to all of these questions…


Like Iran

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